The Autonomous Driving Challenge is an annual competition aimed at students with a technical background in robotics who are interested in developing the automotive technology of the future. Participants program fully automated driving functions and the necessary software architectures.

They work with 1:8 scale vehicles, developed exclusively for the competition. The cars are equipped with a LIDAR sensor, ultrasound, cameras, a high-performance NVIDIA graphics card, a CPU and ROS libraries.

Thanks to in-house developed software, the models should be able to drive themselves according to all rules and avoid obstacles.


The project starts at the beginning of the year, when the selected teams receive the model vehicle. The organisation provides teaching materials, training sessions and technical talks by robotics experts to ensure that all participants have a common starting point.

The teams will have eight months to develop their software solution, with the support of a university tutor, which will eventually allow the cars to navigate autonomously around a track. During this time, they will be mentored by the organisation and will perform intermediate tasks.

The final test will give the students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and efforts. The vehicles will have to overcome a series of challenges on a track design and built specifically for the event. They will test their cars in different scenarios, related to the requirements of a real environment.